6 Apr 2020

Heart and Brain Drawings

The famous "tug of war" between the two.  They are called-upon, when it comes to making difficult decision, involving emotions.

German Artist Evelyn Maria Lorenz names her work "a heART project". 

We have all been in that situation when a part of us tells us to do one thing and another, the opposite.   In this scenario, the heart represents a more compassionate approach, whilst the brain usually plays a more stern and analytical part. 

It fascinates me how we have the need to give differing thoughts in our mind, a physical manifestation; to be able to examine opposing points of view, or feelings towards something, or someone. 

The brain and the heart are one famous example; the other couple are: the angel and the demon.   They are imagined as sitting on either shoulder of the person struggling with a dilemma and whispering their suggestions in their ear. Us humans, really are an odd lot.

Enjoy the start to a new week and these ink, black and white drawings (I gave them some titles).  Take care.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

For more of Lorenz's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

Manipulation turns things bad.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

It's best when they work together.
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Which road to take...
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Balance is everything.
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A cold heart is no good to you or others.
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It's easier to shut off your brain, than your heart.
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Keep them light and it will feel like you are floating.
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The same sand is part of both of them.
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Yin and Yang perfect harmony.
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Not good or bad, just different points of view.
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Talk between the two can feel like finding your way through a maze.
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Tic tac toe to decide.
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Escape the cage.
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