24 Oct 2020

White Pencil Portraits

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An artist that in many of the cases below, only needs a white pencil to create a lovely drawing.

23 Oct 2020

Drawings of European Architecture

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Even though it is a very small proportion of the European Architecture out there, it groups some extremely fine examples.

22 Oct 2020

21 Oct 2020

Scribble Drawings of Everything

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An artist we haven't seen in a few years now...

20 Oct 2020

Fantasy Creatures Ballpoint Pen Drawings

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Fantasy and sometimes almost abstract scenes of creatures in their environment.

18 Oct 2020

17 Oct 2020

Architectural Watercolor Paintings

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Great scenes and excellent architecture, replicated using watercolor paints.

16 Oct 2020

Diary Pencil Portraits

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Diary sketches that give you glimpse in the life of the people represented in it.

15 Oct 2020

Ink Animal Sketches

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Detailing, used to make a difference in the resulting sketch.