27 May 2024

Italy Paris and Japan Sketchbook Sketches

Sketches placed in sketchbook architectural cities in Italy, Paris and Japan.

Artist and Architect Andrea Yi Deng created all of the drawings on this page.

These drawings form part of Deng's travels.  A kind of travel diary of the places he visits.

Some of the depictions are shown on their own, whilst others are shown with the real building in the background.

There are some very well known, famous sights and lesser viewed, but no less beautiful ones included as well.

My favourites are:  The library in France.  Architecture and books are the perfect combination for me.  That book smell and the instant cosy feel you get when you enter library.  Regardless of the size and how ornate it is, it always makes an impression.  

The other one is the Himeji Castle in Japan.  The drawing gives you a hint of the splendour of the design and the architectural detailing which adorn it.  I would definitely like to see more of the exterior and interior.

How about you?  Any sights you have visited?  If so, any good memories?  Any drawings which have inspired the wish to travel and visit the building and the city?

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Colosseum and Arco di Costantino in Rome Italy.
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Bibliotheoue Nationale de France Paris.
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03-Himeji-Castle-Japan-Sketchbook-Sketches-Andrea-Yi-Deng-www-designstack-co Himeji Castle Japan
Himeji Castle Japan.
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Duomo di Monza Gothic Architecture Italy.
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Tour Eiffel Paris France.
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Acquario Civico di Milano Italia.
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St. Eustorgio Milan Italy.
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Bicocca Village Italy.
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Street in Milan Italy.
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Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2024.
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