25 Jun 2017

Game of Thrones Houses in Cartoon form

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With series 7 of Game of Thrones fast approaching, a quick reminder of the most influential houses, in cartoon form.

24 Jun 2017

Intricate Doodles that include Optical Illusions

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Drawing abilities that we appreciate and all aspire to emulate...

23 Jun 2017

Land Art - Geometric Drawing in the Sand

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Massive and precise, drawings created using the beaches as a canvas and and as paint.

22 Jun 2017

Concept Art for Thief - Steampunk feel Video Game

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There is more than one way of becoming a creator of worlds, read the post to see this one.  Larger images in the post.

21 Jun 2017

Body Painting NO Photoshop come see the Videos

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You can see that it's real and how it is done from the videos in the post.

20 Jun 2017

Paintings that Reveal Optical Illusions

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Paintings that are not what they seem at the beginning, bigger images in the post, to appreciate all of the details.

19 Jun 2017

Architecture with the Tiny A Frame House

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Tiny looking on the outside but plenty of space inside.

18 Jun 2017

17 Jun 2017

Movement Captured with the Dancing Ballerina Paintings

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Plenty of movement and color, with paintings exploring the ballet world.

16 Jun 2017

Photography and Digital Photo Manipulations

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Want to augment your reality,?  Digital photo manipulation, is one way of going about it, more to see and bigger images in the post.