29 May 2017

Architecture with A-Frame House with Properties of the Tardis

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The Tardis is a reference to television series, Doctor Who, it's a time travelling machine which looks like an old style British Police Box.  The other characteristic of the box, is that inside, it's massive compared to the outside.

28 May 2017

No Photoshop - Body Painting Optical Illusions

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Brain twisting Body Painting applications, with many more in the post.

27 May 2017

Drawing and Painting 3D Optical Illusions - see the Video

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Artist draws and paints images, to trick our eyes into believing that they are 3D, see how he does it in the video.

26 May 2017

Fantasy Worlds Explored with Digital Art Drawings

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Artist conjures fantastic worlds, that she then brings to us using the magic of Digital Art.

25 May 2017

Mental Health - Depression a Journey Through the Jungle of Mind

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A serious subject that the artist approaches, by putting his thoughts into illustrations.

24 May 2017

Clever Advertising for Animal Adoption - World For All - Optical Illusions

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Imaginative Optical Illusions, designed to attract our attention and do something about this problem.

23 May 2017

Architecture with Urban Sketches and Fantasy Drawings

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Some drawings based in reality and some in beautiful flights of fantasy.

22 May 2017

Architecture with a Cob House built in a Geodesic Dome in the Arctic Circle

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00-Hjertefølgers-Architecture with a Cob House built in a Geodesic Dome in the Arctic Circle
Beautiful home, cocooned in a Geodesic Dome to protect it from the bitter cold.

21 May 2017