24 Feb 2017

Two Photographs Joined to Make a Scene

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Unconnected pictures that when joined, create a wonderfully interesting and surreal picture.

23 Feb 2017

iPhones and Google Nexus Repair Shop in British Red Phone Box

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Company endeavours to fix phones that are built, more and more, to resist any kind of fixing.

22 Feb 2017

Surreal Art that Speaks to the Artist as he Paints

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Different subjects that are tied from a common thread.

21 Feb 2017

Architecture in Paintings of Urban and Industrial Landscapes

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Artist with a mixed heritage, which he uses effectively in his paintings.

19 Feb 2017

A Friend's Emotions Expressed in Drawings

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Human feelings represented in drawings from the point of view of a close friend.

18 Feb 2017

17 Feb 2017

Surreal Paintings or a Vision of the Future?

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Depictions of scenes that don't exist on planet earth, yet...

16 Feb 2017

Maps and Cartography Linked to Portrait Drawings

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Using the the contours of the land to accentuate the ones on his portraits.

15 Feb 2017

Realistic Paintings that Capture a Moment in Time

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Photo like paintings, where movement is suspended, whilst the protagonists frozen in time.