26 Oct 2016

Fantasy and Realism in Paintings and Drawings of Animals

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Sweet illustrations of Animal Art, a mixture between Fantasy and Realistic.

25 Oct 2016

Architecture in Writing Studio with a Dome Shaped Library

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Beautifully round and compact library.  Press the image to go into the post.

24 Oct 2016

Cob House, Simple Architecture Comfortable Living

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This Cob House is for rent on Mayne Island in British Columbia see more information in the post.

23 Oct 2016

Lots of Movement with Multiple Exposures in one Drawing

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Self taught Artist Makes her drawings perform a Contemporary Dance. video in the post.

22 Oct 2016

21 Oct 2016

Realistic Pet and Wildlife Portraits

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Amazing Likenesses of your beloved pet or your favourite wildlife animal.

20 Oct 2016

Comic Book Heroes in Super Shadows II Illustrations

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Artist Jason Ratliff Reminds Children That Superheroes Are Of All Races, Genders And Abilities With His New 'Super Shadows II’ Series.

19 Oct 2016

Creative Miniature Paintings

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Minute paintings covering a variety of interests.

18 Oct 2016

Realistic Paintings Depicting Water Reflections

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Amazing reflections in the paintings, have a look at the video in the post.

17 Oct 2016

Mortgage Free Under $50,000 Shipping Container Home

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The post comes with a video showing the main steps to convert a shipping container to a home.