24 Apr 2017

Glass Architecture with The Leaf House

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Light and airy architecture, that will brighten up your day.

23 Apr 2017

22 Apr 2017

Finger Painting to add a lot of Texture to Urban Scenes

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Go into the post to see a video of how these painting are achieved, by just using a finger and paint.

21 Apr 2017

Average Items given the Steampunk Treatment

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From a chess board to stereo speakers and a microwave, transformed into a steampunk, one of a kind.

20 Apr 2017

Surrealism Permeating from every Painting

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Stories told through the symbolism of a surrealist mind.

19 Apr 2017

18 Apr 2017

Giant Glass Orchids and other Flower Sculptures

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Flowers made out of glass, come and see the video interview with the artist, in the post.

16 Apr 2017

Small Black and White Drawings Full of Details

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Miniature drawings that pack a lot of world, in such a small frame.

15 Apr 2017

Drawings that Show the Kinder Side of Dragons

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Uncovered secret life of dragons, as they move to a new PR company.