20 Mar 2018

Architecture Travel Journal Urban Sketches Illustrations

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An artist that creates commercial drawings, ones for her own collection and she also teaches.

18 Mar 2018

Realistic Color Pencil Portraits of Celebrities

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A young artist, that holds a lot of promise for the future, if he is this good. right now.

17 Mar 2018

Animal Portrait Drawings in different Styles

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Different styles to illustrate animals, playing with shapes and colors, to brighten the sheet of paper.

16 Mar 2018

Hand Drawn Mandala Illustration

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An artist that draws in her spare time and just loves the process.

15 Mar 2018

Celebrity Pencil Drawings from Movies and TV

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Drawings of Actors and Actresses, that populate the big and the small screen.

14 Mar 2018

2D Realistic Drawings that Look 3D and a Video

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Various techniques are utilised to make these 3D drawings, the video in the post, will give you some hints.

13 Mar 2018

The Shoreditch Sketcher Travelling around Europe

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An artist that keeps drawing records, of the wonderful places he visits and lives in.

12 Mar 2018

11 Mar 2018

Pencil Charcoal and Pastel Portrait Drawings

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An artist that is comfortable with color / black and white and drawing with the left and right hand.