21 Jan 2017

Flawless Paintings with Incredible Detail

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Paintings that are so detailed, it's almost as if you were looking at photographs of the real thing.

20 Jan 2017

Walt Disney Stories Seen Through Paintings

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Walt Disney stories given a twist with the artist's personal style.

19 Jan 2017

Three Piece Animal Jewellery Rings

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Rings that will look very different from other people's and that can assume different configurations.

18 Jan 2017

Surreal Paintings of Worlds in Parallel Universes

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Let your mind free to travel to distant lands in Surreal worlds.

17 Jan 2017

Architecture with the Earthship Sustainable Home

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Beautiful sustainable home located on an island with rooms to rent.

16 Jan 2017

15 Jan 2017

Body Painting - Face plus a Hand

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Body Painter creates innovative designs on her face, incorporating her hand.

14 Jan 2017

13 Jan 2017

Personal Messages in Surreal Digital Art

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Worlds that populate some people's dreams and other's waking moments.

12 Jan 2017