22 Jul 2017

Comic Books and Manga Drawings Brought to Life

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It started off as a project for himself, that has now amassed a big following.

21 Jul 2017

Paintings with Soot for Paint and Q-tips for Paintbrushes

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Soot from smoke, recycled bottles and Q-tips, who would guess that these were shopping list for equipment, to produce art?

20 Jul 2017

Photograph Collage to Produce Surrealism

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An artist that enjoys what she does and creates it for no other reason than, the pleasure she derives from it.

19 Jul 2017

Body Painting Transformations with Makeup Applications

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Who do you feel like being today?  This artist can grant your wish...

18 Jul 2017

17 Jul 2017

Self Built Micro Tiny House for $4,600

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Building a micro house as an answer to high and unaffordable rents.

16 Jul 2017

Black and White Realistic Celebrity Pencil Portraits Drawings

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Drawings of plenty of celebrities, to allow you to find your favourite or favourites.

15 Jul 2017

14 Jul 2017

13 Jul 2017