11 Dec 2017

10 Dec 2017

Eclectic Art from 3D to Milk Portraits

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An artist that expands his skills repertoire, by trying very different mediums.

9 Dec 2017

Cute Kittens and Puppies Drawings

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If you are an animal person and you like cats and dogs, then you have a great selection of drawings below.

8 Dec 2017

Private Collection of 5200 Small Books

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This collector holds the biggest collection of small books in the world.

7 Dec 2017

Surrealism and Photography come Together

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Photographs that give us the viewer, more to think about than the average selfie.

6 Dec 2017

Glamour and Scary Mua Makeup Transformations

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No Photoshop utilised to achieve these amazing and colorful transformations.

5 Dec 2017

Architectural Landmarks Watercolor Paintings Part 1

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Too many Landmarks, around the world to put all into one post, so I decided to split them, next week, part two.

4 Dec 2017

3 Dec 2017

Cakes Pastries and Drinks Food Art Drawings

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Drawings that make you think about the kind of foods, that feed our eyes as much as our stomachs.

2 Dec 2017

Colored Pencils Realistic Animal Drawings

Some of our closest animal friends, immortalised in these photo like drawings.