17 Jun 2018

16 Jun 2018

Our Furry Companions in Animal Drawings

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Faces and expressions, that remind us of the good times we have with our special one, or ones.

15 Jun 2018

14 Jun 2018

Animal Portrait Drawings Dressed with Zentangle Textures

An artist that changes the attire of the animals we all love, to give them a brand new appearance.

13 Jun 2018

Black and White Stippling Flower Drawings

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Drawings that adopt a technique that requires a lot of patience and dedication to complete.

12 Jun 2018

Urban Drawings from Memory with Detailed Cityscapes

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An artist that uses his memories and skills, to reproduce key details, of the cities we live in.

11 Jun 2018

Architecture with a Two Double Rooms Tiny House

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A small home that has all of the essentials, her larger brothers and sisters have.

10 Jun 2018

Black and White Realistic Pencil Portrait Drawings

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Drawings of people like us, that you could meet walking down the road.

9 Jun 2018

Paintings of Animals with Splashes of Paint

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Animal paintings that seem to be assembled by drips of paints strategically places.

8 Jun 2018

Detailed Portrait Paintings Using Coffee

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We are much more used to see this liquid in a cup, rather than on canvas.